Maxi-Bus is a rugged seasonal weather shelter that can be easily installed on private or public property. The principal users of a Maxi-bus are children who have to walk from their home to a bus stop. Allows children to wait for the school bus in conditions of optimal Safety, Comfort and Visibility. Maxi-Bus is highly visible to motorists due to its bright colors and reflectives stickers.

The average time that your kids has to wait for the bus is 5 to 8 minutes. With Maxi-Bus, your kids are protected from rain, snow and strong blowing winds.

Parents will appreciate the fact that their children are protected from hardship weather, until they're picked up by the bus. During bad weather school bus schedules are often delayed, Maxi-Bus will provide a safe shelter for those long extra minutes.

Maxi-Bus is 72"long by 72" wide by 84" high and holds up to twelve kids.
Maxi-Bus is made up of a reinforced canvas attached to a tubular galvanized steel framework.
Stickers made by 3M Scotchlite® makes the shelter visible at 1000 feet.
The Maxi-Bus shelter may be secured to the ground by using the provided spikes or by using the optional water bags. Either way the Maxi-Bus shelter will resist winds of up to 60 mph (100 Km/h).
A rigid self closing door ensures weather tightness. The shelter is devoid of any locking mechanism, to prevent an accidental or mischievous lock-up.
The Maxi-Bus shelter is shipped in a 72" x 24" x6" box (assembly required).
Easy to follow step-by-step assembly instructions is provided.

Maxi-Bus should be installed from the first to the last day of school.
The Maxi-Bus shelter should be installed& where ever the school bus stops to pick up a group of kids waiting to go to school.
Check local and school board regulations.
Aligning the shelter's door with the sidewalk will avoid any extra snow removal.
If the terrain is on a slope, or the ground is easily water logged, then a small wooden or concrete platform may be needed.
Easy to install and easy storage.

Supplemental Restraining System or (SRS) are water filled bags, specially designed for the Bus Buddy and Maxi-Bus shelters. They provide extra anchoring capability for severe or extreme weather. This system was developped for severe northern Canadian weather.

The water bags may also be used for the installation of a Maxi-Bus shelter on a frozen, paved or any other hard surfaces where it would be impossible to secure the shelter with spikes.

The water bags used in combination with the spikes will provide the shelter with maximum resistance to strong winds. (up to 100 Mph or 160Km/h).

The water bags are made of highly resistant vinyl and each bag has an easy to use filling cap. Each water bag takes only minutes to fill or empty, making for easy installation and storage.

The SRS kit is a combination of three 25 gallons water reservoirs.